Disposable Protect Suit

Disposable Isolation Gown/Disposable Protective Suit Nonwoven Coveralls
Material: Non-woven with PE membrane.
Function: waterproof, breathable
Features: –Seam taped ! –Non-sterile disposable isolation gown. –Can be used anywhere, but except in the operating room and ICU
Certification: CE EN14126
Composition: Non-woven fabrics as main materials. Made through cutting and sewing. Non-sterile disposable isolation gown.
Purpose: general quarantine use in medical institutions, ward and inspection room, etc.
Contraindication: people who is allergic to this product.
1. Prepare everything well before put on gown.
2. Check if the gown is in a good state. Ensure gown is not wet, and not damaged;Length of gown is appropriate, and gown can cover
the whole outer garment.
3. Ensure the inside and collar part of the gown is clean. Don’t touch face, collar and hat when tie the gown collar.
4. Don’t use it if packing is damaged.
5. When washing hands, the gown should not contaminate the hand washing facilitie


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