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To provide high quality and innovative solutions for all our clients’ needs.

To deal fairly and honestly in all situations and business relationships.

To deliver the best solutions and products possible.

Phoenix Company is belonging to one of the most respected and very reliable trading companies in the USA today. The company has already achieve its pride and proven its career Phoenix Company deal fairly and honestly in all situations and business relationships and we are proud that our services always deliver the best product solutions in the best of our client’s interest.


Phoenix Company is a general trading company with the resources to supply various technical and engineering material, its specialty focus in oilfield supplies, providing a full range of equipment, parts, accessories and services for Oil and Gas related projects, also Furniture, Home appliance for Military Camps in Europe, Middle East and USA. Today, Phoenix Company already considered itself as one of the best source for the supply of industrial products from international manufacturers around the globe.

Phoenix Company shall take care of everything for you and assure that you get the right product with quality assurance. Our client is always our priority. We always make sure that we follow and double check the technical requirements and specifications as per client’s requirements. Phoenix Company always aim for a long term business relationship in every project that we deal, because we believe it is always a start of a good and long partnership.

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