have nine people for dinner-wash and dry all their dishes in one go, with cutlery neatly organized in a separate basket! Just stack, switch on, and walk away. Your Dishwasher even pumps itself dry and clean.

This dishwasher is exceptionally economical in its use of water and electricity. For most economical dishwashing, make full use of the baskets without overloading the dishwasher. you can choose the programme to suit the type of crockery being washed and the degree of soiling. you can select a suitable programme for energy-saving dishwashing. This programme is the most efficient in terms of its combined energy and water consumption at cleaning normally soiled crockery. If your household water system is suitable, this dishwasher can be connected to a hot water supply for further economies. If the water is heated by, for example, solar panels, this would be energy efficient.


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