Diamond Dotted Paper


Made of Kraft coated with heat curable epoxy resin, the epoxy adhesive is applied to both sides of the paper in a diamond pattern consisting of 9.5mm×9.5mm diamonds with 15.9mm center spacing

The Diamond Dotted Paper, alias such as: epoxy adhesive diamond Paper, Diamond Dotted Presspaper, Double sided Diamond Pattern Paper, DDPP, DPRCP, D.D.P, DPP, Diamond Dotted Insulating Paper, Varnished Paper, etc.

It is to be used in oil-immersed transformers for the insulation between coils. On the insulation layer, there is a layer dotted epoxy resin that will be changed with high temperature change that is to be called as felt.

It is a kind of material with inertia, dry and no conglutination at normal temperature (below30°C),The Diamond Dotted Paper will make the electric conductor forever felt up as a hard unit under the high temperature by its internal latency substance. When the temperature is rising up to 90°C, The Diamond Dotted Paper appears one-off thaw and then one-off solidification. When to keep the temperature at 90°C for 90 minutes, the epoxy resin would paste on neighboring cable and paper safely. The felt intensity is as high as to 70psl at 100°C (The value at least is equal to 0.275Mpa, America standard).


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